Inspired by the cultured pearl from Hong Kong, as we wanted to promoted our new collection "Pearl of You", is a series of design with Pearls, and found a pearl farm in Hong Kong. That becomes our first time to have the experience of find a pearl in shell, and this is amazing, want to share the experience with our customer, so we started to held workshop. From learning the process of cultured pearl, then to open the shell and find your pearl. Each pearl is one of a kind and naturally formed



Starting with the history of Hong Kong pearl industry and pearl knowledge sharing. Then we move to the most excited part, Pearl Hunting! After all of you have got your own pearl, and we can start to make it into a necklace or bracelet, with open rings and additional pearls



All the materials are in high standard selected by our designer

- 925 Sterling Silver with 18K white gold plated

- 6.5 - 7mm Fresh Water Pearl


* Age: 15+

* 30% chance of no pearl inside the shell, and 1 additional pearl will be given

* This Experience Lasts for 2 Hours


Pearl Hunting and Necklace Making Workshop

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